Our Partnership with AIME:

My Credit Guy is proud to partner with AIME and provide their Broker Members with the excellent service and support they deserve. At My Credit Guy, we change lives by giving second chances. Our goal is to get clients purchase ready as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We want to make the transition in and out of our program seamless, while keeping the end goal of getting back to the closing table top of mind during the entire process. This gives our Broker Partners the ability to focus on their clients and growing their business. Take advantage of our free budget calculator now to get a jump start on managing your financing with easel

Start saving loans now

Standard Pricing

Option #1

  • Single: $399 on Day 30 & $89/month as needed
  • Couple: $699 on Day 30 & $109/month as needed

Option #2

  • Single: $244 on Day 30 and Day 60 & $89/month as needed
  • Couple: $404 on Day 30 and Day 60 & $109/month as needed

Brokers are Better

Option #1

  • Single: $349 on day 30 & $89/month as needed
  • Couple: $625 on Day 30 & $109/month as needed

Option #2

  • Single: $220 on Day 30 and Day 60 & $89/month as needed
  • Couple: $370 on Day 30 and Day 60 & $109/month as needed
*No upfront fees and guaranteed turn times. Most clients need between 2 and 5 months for full credit repair. My Credit Guy will never charge the broker for services – all fees are paid by the consumer. Special pricing will be offered to consumers with only 1-3 items.

We offer additional discounts for Veterans and Active Duty members.

The My Credit Guy Process for Referral

I'm looking for a credit repair resource for my clients, I heard you’re the best!

Thanks for stopping by to check us out! We’ve worked hard to build a successful system that will consistently get you and your clients back to the closing table.

That’s what I want to hear! Please tell me what makes you different and how it works.

No upfront fees, free reviews, guaranteed turn times, customized tracking portals…just to a name a few that makes My Credit Guy different.


From now on, just submit any files you’d like us to review. We will either get back to you or reach out to your client depending on you what you prefer.

How long does it take for you to call my client?

Same day, usually within an hour

What is the review process like?

We'll do a free review of their credit report and see what items we can help with and if the client is a good fit for our program. We’ll let them know how long we think it will take them to get where you need them to be and what to costs are.

What happens if they decide to move forward?

They get assigned a dedicated credit coach who is with them the entire time. They do a super detailed interview with the client and their credit report and develop a plan of action with the customer. The client gets their own portal that you have access to as well. You also get your own tracking portal so you can keep up with all your clients.

Great! I’m ready to get started!

Awesome! We’re excited to be working with you!

The #1 Referred Credit Repair Firm

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  • 4365 E. Pecos Suite 139 Gilbert, AZ 85295
  • (866) 726-7339
  • (480) 999-5079
  • FreeReview@MyCreditGuy.com